A question asked by a friend, triggered the thought process. Shreya made a very interesting observation yesterday, saying that I meet random people. She asked me why I would want to do that?

At first, I was pretty shocked about the fact that she thought the people I meet were random as it slowly revealed to me that I’m capable of meeting almost anyone and strike a conversation with them. And somehow, I keep meeting most of these people at a regular frequency. What was it that made me meet these ‘random’ people again? Neither did I enjoyed their company that much, nor were they necessarily advantageous to me in my career.


After a little deliberation, I realised that I just enjoyed having people around me. I’m a no-frill, no-fancy person and people find me, easy to be with. I feel good that people want to meet me in a world where people don’t have any time for each other. Most of them discuss random details from their lives, without really expecting any solution or help. These conversations are a great source of information because of which I can talk about almost anything under the sun to almost anyone on the planet. I hold photography very close to my heart, because of which I’m always on the lookout for subjects. Meeting more and more people, makes me understand humans, their lives, their emotions better.

People I meet are like stories. There is an epilogue, a dialogue and a climax. The only difference is that with people, you can read multiple stories together without ever reaching the climax and putting an end to it. I love interacting with people, hanging out with them, understanding why they are, like they are and what makes them up. I haven’t been able to sum anyone up yet, I just speculate and ask a lot of Why’s. It’s a challenge reading people as most of the times they are pretending to be someone else and more often than not, they are in denial. You can truly get to know a someone only when they open up and talk to you. And when they do, it hits me, that’s the moment that paves friendship.