Umm… No one !

Try as much as you want, but you’re never going to be perfect – that’s what the fashion industry is paid to make you believe. It wants you to believe that you are ugly, fat, pimply, hairy and always a damsel in distress who is going to be rescued by a man in shining armour.

It wants you to want smooth, silky , shiny hair if you have curly hair and wants you to want frizzy hair, if you have smooth, silky, shiny hair ! It knows that there is no end to desires and the consumers are helplessly trying to be trendy when the trends change every day !

This video by Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez tries to tell you the truth about fashion, through little people who are known to be brutally truthful – Watch !!

Think about it, ladies. Where are we heading? Where do we really want to go? Don’t forget to comment below and have a healthy discussion with others !