Fisher Price Bouncer { Review } – A must have baby product

fisher-price-bouncer-reviewOne of the greatest baby gear I got for Mi was the Fisher Price Soothe and Play Bouncer with calming vibrations. Many moms have used these and all have been very happy with it. Here is my review of the Fisher Price bouncer. These days an updated model is available called the Fisher Price Bouncer Rainforest.

A baby bouncer is a seat to give your arms a break, and keep you baby safe and comfortable. Bouncers come in different types and styles – some are high tech options with activity bars for when your baby gets older, and some are simple seats on a wire frame. They have simple harnesses to help the baby be seated safely.

A bouncer doesn’t rock, but will give a gentle bounce when you give it a nudge or with your baby’s own movements. Most have a built-in vibrate functions and some also have music players to help soothe your baby.

Recommended Age for the Fisher Price Bouncer Seat: From birth – 6 months. I started using it when Mi was 1 month old but would have started using it earlier, had we not been shifting bases.

Price: INR 4000 upwards

Function: The Fisher Price bouncer is a seat on a wireframe with an activity bar that has 3 toys hanging from it. It also has a simple machine that makes it vibrate. It is operated by a D size battery.

TIP about the Fisher Price Bouncer Battery: You dont need to use a battery after 3-4 months when the baby learns to throw her legs around and can rock or make the baby bouncer bounce herself.

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fisher-price-soothe-n-play-bouncer-1How the Fisher Price Bouncer Rocker helped us:

During the early months when mum’s backs are aching and they need to find time to eat without a fussing baby, a bouncer will help you secure your baby and bounce her without taking her in your arms. The colourful toys on the activity bar will interest your baby once she starts to focus on things. I would keep Mi in the bouncer when she was up and I needed to eat. She would happily give me 15 minutes without any fuss. There were times when she would also sleep in her bouncer.

I also used it to keep the baby in front of the visitors instead of handing her to them and also to keep her in the sunlight and play when she was about 3 months old.

Some of the Fisher Price Bouncers available right now are as below.

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Bouncer, Multi Color Fisher Price Grove Bouncer, Green, Multi Color


  1. Lightweight
  2. Can be dismantled and transported.
  3. Easy to setup.
  4. Sturdy and secure.
  5. washable fabric.
  6. Toys keep interest of the baby from month 1 onwards
  7. Baby will try and reach out to the toys and it is a good exercise for them.
  8. The bouncer rocks from the baby’s movements.
  9. Toys can be removed and washed
  10. Doubles up as a chair that can be used when visitors come or you want the baby to bask in the sun.


  1. Pricey for something that will be used only till 6 months or may retire earlier depending on the baby’s size.
  2. A better alternative for the same price would be a Fisher-Price Newborn To Toddler Rocker Worldwide + Diaper Bagfisher price bouncer seat

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Shivani GargFisher Price Bouncer { Review } – A must have baby product

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