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Johnsons & Johnsons Mom Bloggers’ meet – Pune edition

I was invited for the Johnsons & Johnsons mom bloggers’ meet at Pune last month organised by BabyChakra. It was a good day meeting other fellow moms and their kids. The best thing about the evenly was that I was able to fly to Pune and attend the event with little Mi.

Being a mom blogger event, the room was full of baby babbles but it not hamper the essence of discussions and activities. Johnsons&Johnsons India tried to clear their brand and name of the rumors that have. even going around about their products that was led to many moms boycotting their products. In fact, I had started using Johnsons & Johnsons products initially but Mi got rashes so I changed it.

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There was a recent case in the US that J&J lost due to which customers have started doubting the brand as believe that they use cancerous substances in their products. However, this fact was negated by the speaker during the event and we were informed that Johnsons might not be using herbal or 100 % natural substances but they use the mildest of substances that are best for babies. In fact, their top to toe wash is used world over by hospital staff to give babies their first bath.

I know many moms who still swear by Johnsons & Johnsons produce and have never encountered an issue.

To prove to us the gentleness and quality of the products, we were given various kits to test and compare and Johnsons baby products were winners. We were also given samples of the products to try. J&J is the oldest baby product brand I know and have been used by generations world over. I think it’s time to cut Johnsons & Johnsons a little slack and give them and their products another chance.

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Shivani GargJohnsons & Johnsons Mom Bloggers’ meet – Pune edition

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