Mahindra Blazo – Newage trucks for Newage business’

Mahindra Blazo


I’m not really the sort to go snooping around the truck pavillion at the Delhi Auto Expo but my brother was there with me this time and he being an automobile engineer, made sure that we looked at every nook and cranny of the auto expo for new launches and bright ideas !


I was pleasantly surprised by their new range of mobility solutions launched by Mahindra in the forms of trucks called ‘Blazo’. They come in 3 variants to handle 3 different kind of jobs as the company feels every job has a different need and requires a different set of options for the driver.

What impressed me about Mahindra Blazo –

  • Mahindra has introduced CRDe engine with multi drive mode for the first time. The multi drive mode features are Turbo, Heavy and Light, where the driver can switch between these as per the load requirement and road conditions.
  • The multi drive mode feature will help companies save on fuel and what Im really hoping for is that it will help manage the pollution levels as well.
  • To be fair, Eicher also have 2 drive options in their trucks – heavy and light but the vehicle needs to be turned off before the mode can be changed. This poses a problem as the drivers forget to change the mode and do not specifically stop the vehicle to change it. In Mahindra Blazo, on the other hand, you can change it easily, anytime while driving, whether uphill or downhill.
  • It has chosen Ajay Devgn as its Brand Ambassador and while watching the TVC, I realised that there could be no better fit.
  • Mahindra has also announced a 48-hours back-on-road breakdown service guarantee or Rs. 1000 per day of delay will be paid to the driver.
  • The interiors of the truck are quite nice and airy as you can see in the video below. It has a nice roomy bed behind the driver seat for him to rest that reminded me of a comfortable train berth. You can see the LED light indicators, the mode switch buttons, the nicely finished cabin with great quality interiors.

This is definitely a ground breaking mobility solution for the new age e-commerce business’ booming in India that want to keep their expenditure in check, have lesser carbon footprints and give quality products and value to their employees and customers.

Shivani GargMahindra Blazo – Newage trucks for Newage business’

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