the secret to a happy mom

Good Mom, Bad Mom – The secret to a Happy Mom

I came across a blog post post by a fellow mommy blogger titled ‘How to be a good mom, everyday.’ Something inside me flinched on reading the headline. What does the …

Shivani GargGood Mom, Bad Mom – The secret to a Happy Mom
traveling to leh ladakh with a baby

Traveling to Leh Ladakh with a baby

When we decided to travel to Leh Ladakh with a baby, many eyebrows were raised and disapproving looks were exchanged. I also received comments from people both offline and online …

Shivani GargTraveling to Leh Ladakh with a baby

Mother’s are all slightly insane !

As some of you may know Anamika Mishra is home and as you would expect from an author, our first stop at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon was ‘Om Book Shop’ 😆 …

Shivani GargMother’s are all slightly insane !
mama earth mosquito repellent review

Mama Earth mosquito repellent Review

The only 100% natural mosquito repellent for babies India right now – Mamaearth has put me at ease and I can apply this directly on my 3 month old baby’s skin.

Shivani GargMama Earth mosquito repellent Review

Home alone with a baby { Day 1 }

And the first day of being alone with a baby ended like this : All’s well that ends well, right? True, but it’s just been one day and as Robert …

Shivani GargHome alone with a baby { Day 1 }