Mothers’ Day is here and I’m totally crushing over Elle India’s May Cover Picture

The May 2017 cover of Elle India celebrating Mothers’ Day is going down in history. Kudos to Elle India and Lisa Haydon to come up with this Mothers’ Day issue. Why is this such a big deal?

Will my baby love me as much as I love her? 

Crawling next to my little peacefully sleeping daughter cautious not to wake her up, I can’t seem to take my eyes off her little body huddled in an full size blanket. She kicks her baby blanket away so I’ve had… Continue Reading →

Misha’s first playdate with Ishu and #ColgateMagicalStories

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate. When I got our Colgate packs to try out the #ColgateMagicalStories by Blogadda, I knew that Misha was too young to weave her own story or to understand any that… Continue Reading →

Set me free

Free me from my future, or what I think will become of me.   Free me from my mind here, or what might be consuming me.   Freedom; is all I need. What sets me free, and lets me be…. Continue Reading →

Grow up, face life. You’re no longer watching the cartoon network.

I’ve always believed that ‘Love’ and ‘Hatred’ are extreme emotions and though Hatred is controllable, Love is not. During recent conversations with my friends, I’ve been hearing several instances of failed relationships, Ex-Lover stories and some desperate housewives scenarios. Some… Continue Reading →

View the New in a new dimension and a different angle each day

Kudos to Vodafone’s new ‘NEW’ ad. New Zealand is big on design and idea and it’s no surprise that this advertisement is kiwi. Apart from engaging the audience and effective storytelling, this advert strikes a chord with creatives, entrepreneurs and… Continue Reading →

Watch your words and understand the nuances of the websites you use

Well, I can’t emphasise enough on watching one’s step on social media. For a generation, moving on from personal emails to open source twitter, privacy sometimes is difficult to get. It is very important for all of us to understand… Continue Reading →

What does love mean to you?

Again, I come back to the most talked about emotion in the world – Love! This time this is going to be a question, that I want to ask you to answer. In an evening conversation with a lawyer friend… Continue Reading →

Difference between traditional media and social media

I’d like to quote an article dated, May 30, 2010 Pratap Singh, Head (Marketing), HomeTown (Future Group) said, “The primary difference between traditional media and new media is that the former is channels for brand communications and the latter for consumer… Continue Reading →

Marketers at MAX Hospital, napping?

I AM SHOCKED! I’m in a habit of googling brand names along with Social media wagons eg. <Brand + facebook>, <Brand + twitter> etc. you’ll be surprised and what you can find out. It’s a good way to find out… Continue Reading →

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