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A Dichotomy called Woman

A Dichotomy called Woman – Mysterious nymphs or just maniacal? Anyone who knows me, knows that I swing between feeling both love and hatred towards ‘women’. What makes my relationship with women complicated is that in many ways, I’m a… Continue Reading →

Mother’s are all slightly insane !

As some of you may know Anamika Mishra is home and as you would expect from an author, our first stop at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon was ‘Om Book Shop’ 😆 But it’s good to have people around, you get to… Continue Reading →

Story of Sumidha Rana, a Delhi girl who #DidNotGetRaped

This is the story of a girl who was returning from her work after a Delhi Dynamos, Indian Super League (ISL) match at 9:30PM with 3 more girls and was taken to Kotla Village by the drunk driver who misbehaved with… Continue Reading →

Why Nivea Mom’s Touch CSR campaign is believable.

Why the film moved me The stories are so real ! We see such mothers all around us everyday as maids, house help, cleaners, assistants and minor workers. They are the actual ...

“Will you marry me if I join the Army?”

Ours was never a conventional relationship, more of a fairy tale actually. We’ve been together since class 9, at a time when you’re not thinking about a future together, you’re not looking at a job or how much the other… Continue Reading →

Drive #LIKEAGIRL Hell Yeah !

I wanted to share #LIKEAGIRL with you guys before you are bombarded with it on social media channels where half the people love it and the other half are tearing it apart just because it has a logo in the… Continue Reading →

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