Best strapless bra for heavy breast India

Best strapless bra for heavy breast – India

Large breasted women are not meant to wear strapless dresses, unless of course you’re okay with the transparent or contrast / glitter straps showing through. Correct? Not! Read on to find out my recommendation for the best strapless bra for heavy breast in India.

Best strapless bra for heavy breast in India

I believed this to be true for as long as I can remember. I bought and tried various so called ‘best strapless bra for heavy breast India’, bandeau bra and strapless from Wonderbra, Balconette and Tube bra Triumph, Jockey strapless bra, backless bra with sticky cups, literally everything I could get my hands on. You never know which one could be perfect for you, right? But I was disappointed each and every time. I did not find the best strapless bra that stays up. I gave up. I did not have the body to wear strapless unless someday I would get a designer dress or gown custom made for my fit.

Enamor Strapless Bra is the winner

That was the dream till I chanced upon this beautiful strapless, underwired, padded beauty. I can literally wear this strapless padded bra the whole day ! It doesn’t slip, the wire doesn’t press uncomfortable against my ribcage, my breasts don’t fall out of the cups and my saggy mom boobs are perfect once again – not in a full coverage bra but in a strapless-bloody-bra !! Oh, heaven.

Now there’s no looking back ! I urge all you moms and big breasted women (yay) to try this one too. The back is made of a criss cross elastic which you can’t really see from the product images. This wonderful design makes for a snug fit and the bra stays up making you look as beautiful as you are !

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Shivani GargBest strapless bra for heavy breast – India

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