Use your Panasonic Rice Cooker Better – Tips you won’t find anywhere

I have been using the Panasonic Rice Cooker for over two years now. The latest model available is this –

Panasonic SR-WA18H(SS) 1.8-Litre 660-Watt Automatic Rice Cooker

Cooking rice can be challenging sometimes, especially if you’ve not spent enough time in the kitchen helping your mom like me. So I was delighted when I got a rice cooker as one of the wedding gifts ! I have used it every time since and have been quite happy with the results. You can read the review of my Panasonic Rice Cooker, here.

I just have two problems with my rice cooker:

  1. The Rice sticks on the bottom plate and there is some wastage which can be avoided if you’re cooking rice in a cooker or open pan.
  2. The rice is sticky when you take it out and each grain is not separate as I’d like it to be (I’m a little finicky about food and like to make it better with each attempt). And it really defeats the purpose if you’re cooking basmati rice every day like me.

It took me two years to finally master my rice cooker with its limitations to get the perfect rice just the way I wanted it. So here are my tips to make that beautiful long grained basmati rice where each grain is separate and inviting:

  1. Coat the aluminium pan and plate with a little bit of oil each time you cook rice.
  2. As you use your Panasonic rice cooker, notice the sound it makes when the water is boiling inside. Sometimes, when I make more than a cup of rice, the lid of the rice cooker bangs against the pan because of the pressure that builds up inside when the water boils. I wait for 2 minutes after the lid stops jumping and turn off the main switch. I do not wait for the indicator to change to ‘Keep Warm’.
  3. I keep the lid on the cooker and let it cool down for 10 minutes before serving my perfectly cooked rice.
  4. Don’t let the rice stand too much otherwise it will stick a little. Open it after 10 minutes and just move it around and let the water evaporate, if you do not want to serve it right at that time.

So there you go, that’s all you need to cook the perfect long grained basmati rice in your Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker !


Shivani GargUse your Panasonic Rice Cooker Better – Tips you won’t find anywhere

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