Home alone with a baby { Day 1 }

And the first day of being alone with a baby ended like this :

All’s well that ends well, right? True, but it’s just been one day and as Robert Frost said, “I have miles to go before I sleep.” The only difference is that at 6 months, if you a breastfeeding or pumping mom, you can only measure the miles in ounces and ml 😂

So how did I end up home alone with a baby ?

Some of you might know that my husband is in the army and that’s the main reason why me & Mi had only each other for company today. Leading your life alone or with the support of extended family is not an uncommon phenomena. It might just be a matter of adjusting with others or mutually needing each other’s company. For some people, all the pieces come together very well. For others like me, life is  lived in smaller bits of those very pieces.

Staying alone with Mi is a choice. It may be a tough one but the other choices were to either stay with parents or stay with in laws. Staying with husband where he is located right now is not possible.

Why did I choose to stay alone with an infant? 

In all sincerity, I’m a person who loves her freedom and am very intuitive. I can measure the risk of any situation with my gut feeling. So, I do not like to be told what to do and how to do it. Sad as it may be, no one cares to explain why they think it’s supposed to be done ! And if they do get around telling you, it will be shrouded in magic or superstition.

Multiply this 48 times and you might start to understand how a new mom is made to feel by the more ‘experienced’ people around her. She is told what to do and how to do it at least once every half an hour without addressing the ‘whys’!

The ‘experienced’ lot: “That’s just how it’s done.”

ME: “Why?”

The ‘experienced’ lot: “Because we know, you don’t”

There is no consideration or mention of a mother’s gut feel or the seamless communication between a mother and her baby. It’s common knowledge that a mother knows best. But we are often made to feel like, while that might be true, the aunty ji in the next house might know better <snigger>.

I am someone who cannot be fooled with fear. Give me logic and i’ll hear you out. And when logic fails, gut feel prevails. This time around as well, I listened to my gut feeling over the crowd sourced verdict that ‘you need help with the baby’.

Was I scared of being alone with a baby? 

No. I was not scared of being alone with a baby.

Mi is a happy baby. She completely trusts me and nothing in the world can go wrong if she is perched on her mother’s right shoulder with both our plump cheeks touching each other. Of course, sometimes I cheat by babywearing but she doesn’t mind that all as she gets more kisses and hugs when worn. The carrier in the picture is the  linen yoga carrier by Cookiie Pie

Being an army wife and having had a ‘travelling pregnancy’ if I can call it that, made me preempt this situation and I equipped myself with all the baby gears and toys that I might need to be a single mom with no help.

How did my first day of being alone with the baby go? 

The first day of being alone with a baby was a little rocky as I only slept at 4 am yesterday when the hubby left. And during the 4 hours that I wanted to sleep, I was woken up twice. So I woke up late and had no time for myself if I wanted to follow Mi’s feeding schedule.

So I did exactly that – I ignored myself and fed her a mashed banana and had one myself (for breakfast). She saw me eating the banana and wanted to eat it like I was eating it, not mashed. So I held it out for her and she bit the banana. Next, she was in the mood for some blw and wanted to hold it herself. I let her which resulted in messy hands and hair (my hair).

We then, played a little and fed again to sleep. I used that time to complete a review that’s I’ve been meaning to publish for a long time and made that hard earned cold coffee for myself. Mi woke up twice before I could finally share the article but that was done.

We then tried babywearing while I prepared her some barley lunch. We played and fed again but didn’t sleep. We played some more and fed and pretended to sleep. This went on till 5:30 and by this time I had reheated my leftover lunch twice.

The maid came in at 6 PM but there were no utensils to wash as I had not prepared breakfast or lunch. So i asked her to help me rinse Mi’s toys and teethers that needed a soak and sterilization while Mi cried for attention.

After a while, I realized that the maid flushed away the dirty water and with that she had also flushed away two of Mi’s favorite teethers !! I felt horrible as this was something I should have done or been more careful and given clear instructions.

Anyhow, what’s done is done. I asked her to play with Mi till I finally took a bath.

The maid left and Mi was back to wanting more attention. I played with her and talked talked talked to her. I made her speak to her father in the speaker phone ( not that she said much). We fed and slept again.

It was 7PM and time for my lunch. By now, the newly appointed cook was here to make dinner and so was little Mi who wanted to see how dinner is made. She sat on the bouncer in the kitchen while the cook finished chopping and I finished taking some pictures from my next Mama Earth product reviews.

As soon as the maid kept the bouncer outside the kitchen, I could hear Mi yelling. So I went back, picked her up and made her sit where I was taking pictures. We finished with that and fed again as Mi was tired of all the yelling and playtime. She slept again.

While she was sleeping, I finished booking flight tickets to our next trip (to Leh). And with that I had ticked off the things to do on today’s list. Mi woke up again to play and have her dinner. She fed again twice without sleeping and finally slept again at 11:30PM.

How does it feel now that the day is over? 

It feels super! So much so that I still have the energy to write about it. What kept me going through the day is a feeling that Mi was missing her father like I was missing my husband and she was compensating her daddy time with me.

I also realized that she is 7 months as I write this post and both of us are reaching our own milestones of being a baby and being a mommy !!

It’s 4 AM again and I’ve not published the post yet. Was hoping to get a good night’s sleep today but that seems like a criminal thought for a mom, home alone with a baby !

PS: Daddy, we miss you !


Shivani GargHome alone with a baby { Day 1 }

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