Mother’s are all slightly insane !

As some of you may know Anamika Mishra is home and as you would expect from an author, our first stop at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon was ‘Om Book Shop’ 😆

But it’s good to have people around, you get to do things you normally wouldn’t do on your own and for me that is entering a book shop ! I’m a library, kindle, order from Amazon or a friend-recommended-and-gave-me-the-book kind of person.

So I entered a book shop after years and looked at uncountable titles trying to make up my mind as to which one to pick up. I ended up buying three out of which my favorite is a small photo book with images of moms with their babies. 

And this quote caught my attention- “Mother’s are all slightly insane.” And isn’t that so true? All mothers are insane- mine, yours, me myself. All our babies are crazy and we are crazy turned insane.

And I am insane X 100. I’m sure everyone thought I was insane living alone with a baby. How does she manage? What does she do the whole day? Doesn’t it take a toll on her?

“What doesn’t kill you, makes her insane – insanely strong !”

And that is my secret. I have always been slightly insane. And the rebel streak didn’t leave me during my pregnancy or after the birth of my baby- I’m still insane, maybe a little more now. So when you meet me, don’t expect anything but insane. 

And this may sound like an oxymoron but this is the biggest truth of my life:

“My insanity is the only thing that lets me stay sane !”

My insanity is me. It was me before I became a wife and it was me before I became a mom. My insanity is the comforting constant of my life that infected my always careful husband and is something that will now be inherited by Mi as she, after all is a part of me. 

Shivani GargMother’s are all slightly insane !

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