Promotions Are Great!

So I’m writing after a long long time. I think a year has gone by. Anywho, today is the perfect time to write, my husband (everytime I say this word, let alone write it, I feel eyuckk. Is there another better word for this relationship?!)  just got promoted and I’m in a happy mood 🙂


Promotions are great, it means you’re growing at your workplace, managing more talents under you, mentoring more men, handling more complex scenarios, giving better decisions, increasing your experience and getting more money! Promotion days are busy with people calling and texting you to congratulate you. Amidst this chaos, we don’t stop for a moment to ask ourselves what a promotion means to us on a personal level. Have we changed as people? Will it compel us to behave in a different manner from today? You know, it’s quite like the fine line between being a child and an adult. As an adult you have reasons not to trust, experience tells you there’s no free lunch. But the child wants to believe, he wants to jump into that puddle once more, just the idea of doing that brings a smile on his lips and a naughty sparkle in his eyes 😉

But as we start growing up, we start controlling ourselves. Why?

Rains are so much fun! Remember walking into a puddle of water or jumping in it was so much fun as kids! But of course, we grow up. We don’t want to be seen as kids! We are mature people who know how to behave themselves. We can’t take the risk of someone judging us.

“Are you crazy? I’m not doing that!”

Do it. Jump right into it. Life is like that! Remember, people might like you for being sane and saying all the right things but it’s the eccentricities that make them fall in love with you! Cherish your child within and try treating him once in a while. I guarantee you a smile and a good night’s sleep that night!

So before the day ends, Congratulations Karan. Thanks for making me write today 🙂



Shivani GargPromotions Are Great!

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  1. maryamhasanahmad

    just stumbled across yr blog… read this and it brought a smile to my face… resonates so much with me… the struggles of maintaining a facade when you want to jump up an down and giggle and go splashing in the rain!!
    oh the woes of growing up!

    1. Post

      Yeah! What’s that all about? All of us realise it but fight against it. Guess, most of us find it safer to stay within the boundaries.

      Hope you visit Delhi during the Monsoon, we’ll go splashing 😉

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