Slow Down, Enjoy The Ride

How many times have we heard ourselves wish that we had a clone of some sort to be able to do the things that we don’t find time for? And I’m sure the people closest to you have egged you on to do exactly the things that you would like to do. Finding the time to do these things has been the never ending issue. The thing is, we never sit back and evaluate our life, evaluate the things most important to us and closest to our hearts. If we were to do this, we would realize that most of our lives are full of clutter, clutter that needs just a day to to clean it up. We do not need to run 24/7 for things that do not make us happy but we do them just because some people expect us to. Most of the times, these people aren’t even the ones we care about.

The key is to do what makes you happy and give it a 100 percent of your time and effort. If you’re working in your office, give it a 100 percent, finish what you need to do and get off earlier. This will save the time you spend on making iterations to that damn ppt that you just can’t get over with.

Increasing your productivity will make time for the things you love; traveling, photography, spending time with your family and kids, checking out that new restaurant in town, maybe putting together your thoughts and experiences into a blog as well.

Don’t run, just take a breather, slow down, evaluate life and give time to what you love and you’ll find yourself a much happier person.

Shivani GargSlow Down, Enjoy The Ride

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