Every Girl’s Story of a Half Girlfriend – Come fall in Love !

“Girls ? They are complicated.”

This is what I believed then and this is what I believe now. I’m sure it must be a little surprising to read this coming from a woman but I’m not your regular feminist. I know when a woman is driving on the road. Cliches exist for a reason.
Having said that, the world is not easy on girls either. Nor are their own mothers. Feminists are fighting for equality but that equality is as make believe as a model’s waist in a magazine or her cheekbones for that matter. And duh, no one even checked with the women about what they wanted or why they wanted what they were ‘supposed’ to want !
Girls are raised today to lead the world but are still expected to ‘take care’ of the family.

Girls are expected to be at par with their male counterparts in the Indian Army but are still expected to be soft spoken like ‘women’.

Girls are expected to have careers, marry, have children, not one but two. But the men marrying them want no part in the responsibility of the household. They want them to get back to their jobs as soon as the maternity leave is over. Employers don’t want to hire women whose body clocks are ticking and avoid them like the plague.

What’s even more disturbing than the idea being sold to women is that they have bought it. Every woman today is ready to put on their Nike shoes and ‘Just Do It’.

In school, get good grades – Just Do It.

In College, top your university – Just Do It.

JMC / Miranda, be fashionable, apply makeup – Just Do It.

MBA after college, Masters and PhD for some – Just Do It.

25-28, Get Married – Just Do It.

28-30, Have kids – Just Do it.

Post 30, one more kid, job, husband, in laws, parents, sil, bil, chacha ji, chachi ji, dewar, dewarani……….. JUST DO IT !

And no one tells you, do it for what?!!

Every woman today is in a half relationship, only a part of her is present at any given moment and this is her story of half girlfriend. I wonder if she really is such a good multitasker or is she ‘Just doing it’ because people expect it of her?

Every new mother wants to be a ‘Supermom’ but like Indira Nooyi said, “Women can’t have it all”. Perfection is a myth and it’s time that’s women stopped giving in to the pressures of society and started a real relationship with their own half girlfriends – the half girlfriend every woman has inside them, the half girlfriend who has been suppressed and denied far too much for far too long.

It’s time to start a relationship with yourself, discover your real half and fall in love with your true self – This is the only way to stop existing and start living.

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend.

Shivani GargEvery Girl’s Story of a Half Girlfriend – Come fall in Love !

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