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Lisa Haydon’s pregnancy shoot is so much like mine! What’s not to love about it? 

Earlier in the month, I shared Elle’s cover picture that I was totally gushing over with Lisa Haydon’s pregnant belly on display in a swimsuit ! Yes, if you didnt know already, Lisa Hydon is pregnant and she is rocking… Continue Reading →

Mother Day Giveaway – Answer this secret Question to win BIG !!

Mothers’ Day 2017 is just round the corner and so are our Mothers Day giveaways !! This is our first edition of giveaways and what could be a better time than Mothers Day ?? What’s more exciting is that we… Continue Reading →

This husband’s answer about fathers in delivery room is going to make you cry !

Today, I just came across this question on Quora and related to the debate – ‘Fathers in Delivery Room‘ and whether we should have fathers present in the delivery room during childbirth. This question piqued my interest as I really wanted… Continue Reading →

Ring Sling Tutorial – How to use a ring sling with a newborn

I wore Mi for the first time when she was 25 days old (yes, less than a month). Together, me and my husband tried a ring sling, SSC (soft structured carrier) and Moby Wrap. I was amazed at how lightweight… Continue Reading →

Mothers’ Day is here and I’m totally crushing over Elle India’s May Cover Picture

The May 2017 cover of Elle India celebrating Mothers’ Day is going down in history. Kudos to Elle India and Lisa Haydon to come up with this Mothers’ Day issue. Why is this such a big deal?

Mother’s are all slightly insane !

As some of you may know Anamika Mishra is home and as you would expect from an author, our first stop at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon was ‘Om Book Shop’ 😆 But it’s good to have people around, you get to… Continue Reading →

Best Beauty Subscription Boxes in India

Beauty box subscriptions are on the rise these days in India and they are so much fun. To receive new and interesting products to try every month right in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price… Continue Reading →

Every Girl’s Story of a Half Girlfriend – Come fall in Love !

“Girls ? They are complicated.” This is what I believed then and this is what I believe now. I’m sure it must be a little surprising to read this coming from a woman but I’m not your regular feminist. I… Continue Reading →

Will my baby love me as much as I love her? 

Crawling next to my little peacefully sleeping daughter cautious not to wake her up, I can’t seem to take my eyes off her little body huddled in an full size blanket. She kicks her baby blanket away so I’ve had… Continue Reading →

Mama Earth mosquito repellent Review

The only 100% natural mosquito repellent for babies India right now – Mamaearth has put me at ease and I can apply this directly on my 3 month old baby’s skin.

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