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This husband’s answer about fathers in delivery room is going to make you cry !

Today, I just came across this question on Quora and related to the debate – ‘Fathers in Delivery Room‘ and whether we should have fathers present in the delivery room during childbirth. This question piqued my interest as I really wanted my husband to be by my side to support me and witness the birth of his child. I wanted to know how other fathers around the world felt about being in the delivery room and what women had to say and whether they wanted their husbands in the delivery room. This was the question:

Quora question about fathers in delivery room

And out of the many answers to this questions, this answer by a father and a loving husband is going to make you cry.

Here is an excerpt from Gareth P Smith’s answer about fathers in delivery room:

A father has to be strong, especially for a daughter who will have a much harder life simply because a large part of the world still thinks treating women as ‘less-than’ should be ‘the norm’.

A father has to be willing to support his partner in whatever ways he can. Especially while men in distant cities pass laws, cut budgets, and dictate what she is allowed to do with her body, increasing the risks to both mother and child.

So, should a father be in the delivery room? YES, if he’s permitted and physically able.

Not because of feminism, but because if he isn’t up to the responsibilities, can’t handle the realities—or would choose not to do either, just to prove a point—then he’s not man enough to be a father in the first place.

Read Gareth P. Smith‘s answer to Do fathers really need to be in the delivery room during the birth of their children? on Quora

There are many more answers to this question basically talking about the same general points of bonding, support, sharing the moment your baby is born, easing a woman’s pain, experiencing childbirth – but none as passionate as this father’s or should I say husband or both? His answer is so passionate and deep that It brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t this what being a real man, a husband, a father is all about?

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Tell us what your experience with your husband was during your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Did you want him there or not? Why, Why not?

Men, fathers, fathers-to-be, tell us how you guys feel about childbirth in the comments below.

If you were also moved this father’s answer as much as I was, please share it with others parents and parents-to-be.

Shivani GargThis husband’s answer about fathers in delivery room is going to make you cry !

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