Tomato Egg Mousse
    For Egg Mousse
    For Tomato Mousse
    Prepare Egg Mousse
    1. Finely chop the boiled eggs and keep aside.
    2. Soak the gelatine in a tbsp of water and melt on a pan of boiling water (double boil method).
    3. Blend rest of the ingredients in a mixture till smooth.
    4. Pour gelatin into the mousse mixture and mix well.
    5. Add chopped eggs to this mixture.
    6. Pour this mixture into a corning dish and let it set in the fridge.
    Prepare Tomato Mousse
    1. Saute onions and capsicum till a little tender and translucent.
    2. Add tomato puree and cook till a little thick.
    3. Add thickened milk and chopped cucumber and seasoning.
    4. Melt the gelatine as explained above (double boiling method) and pour into the mousse mixture and mix well.
    5. Pour the tomato mouse over the egg mousse and let it set again in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
    Recipe Notes

    If the two mousses are set in a ring mould, set the tomato mousse first at the bottom and then the egg mousse on top. Unmould and serve on a bed of boiled vegetables or on fresh salads.