All I dream of, is a little ‘silence before the storm’.

I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy, and I can see right before my eyes that the world around me is going to change forever. With our little bundle of joy finally into this world a month or so from now, life is going to be all about burps and poops.

For a seasoned traveler like me, it’s difficult to think of a time when you can’t travel but this is it for me ! The doctors ask you to refrain from travelling the first trimester but as luck would have it, we still did. We did a road trip from Jaisalmer to Ahmadnagar, not for leisure but for work and this was something that couldn’t have been avoided. We still did manage to meet some friends along the way to share the good news with and plan some fun stopovers. But because the trip was not meant to be leisurely and we were short on time, it wasn’t as really satisfying for an explorer like me. Plus, you realise that your usual style of travelling will just not do during pregnancy as you’re low on energy, short on breath and bogged down with the ‘dos and the don’ts’.

The second trimester brought along a lot of ifs and buts that needed juggling around. The plan to have my delivery in Jaisalmer, now needed to be replaced as the doctor suddenly got posted out ( that’s how life in the Army is ) and on top of that, all I could think of was sleeping and eating (haha, that really happens).

Come, the third trimester and I got busy with planning the delivery and where I would be after that. Then there was a whole lot of researching to be done about what to expect when you finally have a baby, medical procedures, stuff to buy for the newborn, preparing the hospital bag, parenting and a million other things.

As the time passed by ticking off all the things on the to-do list, I realised that the hubby was going away for another field tenure right after the baby was born and we would be apart, again. And right now, whatever little time we did get together was spent on planning and unplanning things, making and unmaking the plans, ordering stuff online and self shipping the returns. Phew, such is life.

What do my dreams look like right now?

Right now when we have everything under control and after unplanning the plans a,b,c and d, if you ask me what I dream of apart from having a healthy baby, it is this:

I dream of a ‘babymoon’ before the 9th month starts where I can spend some quality time with the father-to-be, away from all the daily chores, not having to plan or unplug anything anymore. I dream of a little ‘us’ time, a little silence before the storm.

Life is so surprising sometimes, the reality that you have been living all your life suddenly becomes a distant dream, something straight out of a fairytale !

P.S. Even blogging has become such a task, with having to sit upright with my mac book air bumping against my bump 😉

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Shivani GargAll I dream of, is a little ‘silence before the storm’.

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