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Additional 15% off on Firstcry MomsGoneMad sale !

Mi thinks I’ve gone completely bonkers with all the shopping that I’m doing for her. Well, let me stock up for the the colour of the month wednesday outfits for school, all the birthday parties she’s going to attend here in Pune and whatnot !

#LittleMi on #momsgonemad !

And with this new additional 15% discount coupon, there is seriously no stopping me. Did I hear you want in too? Hmm… why not ! All moms and babies deserve whole lot of crazy shopping fun this monsoon.

Apply code ‘hobogobo’ during the #momsgonemad sale at firstcry on the checkout screen and get an additional 15% off. No worries, just go shopping and thank me later 🙂

Shivani GargAdditional 15% off on Firstcry MomsGoneMad sale !

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