Unicorn Theme Birthday Party – Misha’s 3rd

This is just a post to share the truckloads of photos with all of you. You can find a lot of Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Ideas in the photos itself, But more about how we planned, baked, cooked, managed the kids in another post. All about the Unicorn theme, deserves its own post, don’t you think?

You can get some of the illustrations and printables that I used for Misha’s Unicorn Theme Birthday Party right here, for FREE – Unicorn Birthday Theme Free Printables.

I tried to make everything myself, well as much as I could – from invites, cake, unicorn jelly (don’t think we took a picture of those), masks, unicorn hair clips that the kids loved sooooo much, to the unicorn ( a friend helped out) and his tail for the game. Cream rolls were bought but covered in white chocolate and sprinkles at home 🙂

Shivani GargUnicorn Theme Birthday Party – Misha’s 3rd

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