mothers day physical abuse bangalore

A Mother gets beaten up on Mother’s Day while the whole world celebrates her !

A mother is getting beaten up by her husband in Bangalore while we sit here and wish each other and moms around the world a very happy Mother’s Day !

Yes, it’s happening and it’s not the first time. Why am I reacting today? Because until now she seemed in control. She is a working mother and has been complaining for quite sometime now on out mom support group but I an angry today as she posted a picture of her crying and her nose bleeding. He hit her. AGAIN !

She is the mother of a baby and today is Mother’s Day. Instead of sparing her and showing her appreciation for even one day this man is making her hitting her across her face and making her heart bleed. Physical pain can still be forgotten but what do you do about the mental torture?

She posted a picture late in the evening and disappeared from the group. While her profile showed that she was online, she was not responding to any messages. Clearly, her phone had been taken by someone else. We wondered what to do, we sent her phone numbers of all the people who could help her in case she needed help. But, she did need help, that’s why she sent a frantic hazy motion blurred picture of her crying and her nose bleeding. It was her cry for help.

We tried calling her, many of us and she did pick up a call after a long time saying she was okay and there was someone with her. She sounded detached and mechanical, like someone had told her to say so, so that none of the Bangalore moms would come knocking at their door with a policewoman.

While we are trying to figure out the right course of action at this hour, tell us what would you do? What is the correct procedure and if someone has faced a similar situation. Intervene right now / in the morning. Complain to the police even if she says there’s no need for it tomorrow? We are looking for some expert advice on this.

Shivani GargA Mother gets beaten up on Mother’s Day while the whole world celebrates her !

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