6 ways to use a Twinkles clip-on teether

A teether is a difficult buy and most budget teethers available online do not serve the purpose because of their plastic ends and non ergonomic design. I recently got a clip-on teether by Twinkles Accessories and More in addition to Mi’s Mombella soft silicone teether (read review here) and I was extremely happy with the ways this teether could be clipped on to other baby gears. Below are 6 ways I used the teether.

  1. Clip on the teether to baby’s clothes – This is the classic way to use the teether but is not versatile enough especially when your baby starts developing enough strength to tug and pull at it or just wants to roll over all the time.Twinkles-teether-review
  2. Clip on the teether to the car seat – I have a Mombella teether and find it really useful for its 3D shape but when given to Mi to keep her occupied in the car seat, she would throw it out and start yelling for it. In a moving car, it is impossible to look for it and stop the car and hunt for it and give it back to pacify her. This is where the twinkles clip on teether arrived as our saviour. Now I just clip the teether on to the car seat piping and it never falls out. Mi know and I know exactly where to find it !
  3. Clip on the to the baby mat – During tummy time, I avoid clipping on the teether to Mi’s clothes and she can roll over and feel uncomfortable. Instead, I clip it on to the gadda or the mat and she can chew it as well as play with it.
  4. Clip on the teether to the baby carrier – Carrying your baby to go shopping or for a walk? Nothing to keep her busy other than yourself or the new environment around you. But what happens to the itchy teeth? She starts to chew her fingers to the carrier straps. Here is where the clip on teether or the teething necklace by twinkles will come into use. They are different products but if you’re looking for an all in one solution, get the clip on teether.
  5. Clip on the teether to the stroller – Going for a stroll in the pram, stroller or the jogger? Sure, the new environment and the activity can keep your little one busy and the visual overload can make her sleep but what do you do about the teething irritation? Carry a teether of course ! But a teether that is not secured to the stroller will fall out or be thrown by your ever energetic baby. I take the Twinkles clip on teether and hand it above her head, securing it on the canopy of the stroller and we look like mom-baby bosses !
  6. Clip on the teether to the rocker / bouncerWe have the Fisher Price bouncer and Mi started pulling out the toys hanging from it when she was 4 months old. Soon she would find the long piece with velcro and put it in her mouth. She almost swallowed the whole piece one day and I started removing the toys when I was not around to monitor her on the rocker. But that defeats the purpose of the rocker, doesn’t it? I could not let her self soothe on the rocker, nor could she not play freely with the hanging toys ! And then I received the twinkles teether and just clipped it on the velcro part. It served her purpose of a teething toy and my purpose of putting a colourful hanging toy and would have her attention without being hazardous. As simple as that !

So go on, get a clip on teether not only for your baby’s teething woes but because of it versatility to be a teether and a toy. Secure it to multiple baby gears without you having to worry about where it went !

Shivani Garg6 ways to use a Twinkles clip-on teether

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