16 Most Recommended Brands for Baby Products

Maternity and baby shopping can be quite daunting for first time mothers or even for mothers having a baby after years of gap between their previous and present pregnancies. Here is my personal favourites list from the most recommended baby product brands through recommendations from friends as well as my own personal experience and lots of hours of research, online shopping, returns and window shopping.

My Most Recommended Baby Product Brands:

most-recommeded-baby-product-brands-mothercare Mothercare across all categories

From nursery furniture to baby clothes, Mothercare products are just top class. Mothercare is a UK based brand introduced by Shoppers’ Stop in India but now, you have Mothercare stand alone stores all over the country and is being phased out of Shoppers’ Stop.

Fisher Price baby gear and toysmost-recommeded-baby-product-brands-fisher-price

If you’re confused about which brand to get your baby gear and toys from, pick Fisher Price. Fisher Price has been in the market for eons and some of their products are unbeatable. My personal favourites are their Newborn to Toddler Rocker and Baby Booster Chair.

Zero baby clothes

This brand is not easily available online but you can get it at most local stores. Their clothes are basic but of the softest material. Zero is budget friendly as well.

Carter’s baby clothes

An American brand though pricey but Carter’s clothes stand out for their quality as well as for their attitude ! I’m in love with their witty one liner onesies.

Cucumber baby clothes

Another brand easily available in local stores rather than online. Their clothes are of high quality and soft material yet pocket friendly.

FS Mini Klub baby clothes

FS mini club is available both online and at Lifestyle Stores across India. I bought their sleepsuits and feel in love with the softness and prints.

Summer Infant baby gear

Available both online and at Shoppers’ Stop stores, this is another trustworthy brand for baby gear products. Their baby batherand health kit comes highly recommended.

Spasilk Baby bath Towels

Spasilk is an American favourite with the softest material for infants.

most-recommeded-baby-product-brands-MAM MAM feeding products

This is a European budget friendly brand highly recommended by mothers all over the world for their anti colic feeding bottles and ‘Feels like Mom’ nipples. Their microwave sterilizer is also one of the best which can double up as a cold water steriliser just in case.

Sudocrem Nappy Rash cream / Baby Bottom Cream

If you need a specialist for nappy cream, buy Sudocrem.

Medala for Breast Pumps

Most mothers prefer Medala but some like Philips Avent. In the end, this is something that you will learn from experience. Different products work for different mothers. It’s sad that breast pumps are expensive and there is no way to try them out before you buy them. Nothing beats Medala though, even lactation consultants recommend Medala.

Philips Avent feeding bottles and sterilisers

Philips product are a go to range if you do not find any other specialists. I especially love their sterilisers and glass bottles.most-recommeded-baby-product-brands-avent

Graco Strollers, car seats and Travel Systems

Graco is expensive as per Indian standards but strollers and car seats are something that will be used for a long time and possibly every day. Graco emphasises on safety and comfort and that’s something that must not be overlooked.

Chicco baby products

Chicco products are also pretty reliable and cater to all categories. I do not have a favourite product from Chicco but when in doubt, pick Chicco.

Luvable Friends baby bath towels

Another brand to pick up towels and bath robes for your little ones soft skin.

Mee Mee baby products

From breast pads to strollers, Mee Mee is an affordable Indian brand that caters to baby products in all categories. It is a cheaper alternative to Chicco.

Hope the above list of the best baby product brands helps you buy good quality stuff for you little one without having to resort to trial and error. Having the right product from the right brand is very important step towards a peaceful motherhood.

P.S. If any of your personal favourite brands / products have not made it to ‘My Most Recommended Baby Product Brands’ list, please share them with us so others can also benefit from it.

Shivani Garg16 Most Recommended Brands for Baby Products

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