Mummy Me-time: Why you shouldn’t forget to care for yourself

As mothers we tend to put everything and everyone else before ourselves. We look after our families and our home, and leave ourselves at the bottom of a long list. However, it’s vitally important that we take some time out. Discover why it’s essential to care for yourself, how to find the opportunity for some me-time, some handy tips on how to use the time wisely, and what kinds of activities can help you relax and recharge.

Why me-time is important for mothers

Being a mother can be a constant whirlwind of feeding, changing and chasing after little ones. It’s no wonder so many mothers struggle to find time to focus on themselves. But it’s so important that you are able to recharge your energy and relax your body and mind. You work hard, so you deserve to do the things you enjoyed before motherhood, and the things that will help you feel like you again. It’s also worth noting that it’s not just mummy who benefits from some me-time. A happy and relaxed mother makes for an equally happy and relaxed family, so it benefits everybody when we take some time to care for ourselves.

How to find time in the day for me-time

It can seem like an impossible task to carve out some time for yourself, but it is possible with a little planning. When your children are young, their naptime is the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself. Get ready in advance by prepping their food and drink – knowing how to sterilize baby bottles the fast way will save you precious time here. If you usually spend naptime cleaning, move that task to another part of the day. Babywearing can help you clean with your little one in tow. Once you’ve learned how to sterilize baby bottles and carry out other essential household chores quickly and efficiently, you’ll free up more time for yourself.

What to spend your me-time doing

Now that it’s time to settle down, you might be wondering what to do with it. There are so many wonderful options to help you de-stress and relax. It could be as simple as putting your feet up with a drink and reading your favourite book. You could even spend time journaling, which is great if you love writing, but even better for letting go of some of your frustrations as well as recording the lovelier parts of your day with your little one. It’s free therapy!

Turning back to an old and neglected hobby will help you remember what you enjoyed before you became a mother. If you’ve been putting off exercise then now is the perfect time to get into gear with a quick workout or some light and relaxing yoga. But remember, me-time doesn’t have to be a solitary act; spending time with friends is also a wonderful way to reconnect with who you are outside of being a mother. So call your friend and ask her to come round to your place for a snack and some tea.

Whichever way you decide to spend your newfound me-time, ensure it’s something that you find rewarding, and let go of the guilt knowing you help those around you by helping yourself. Now that you’ve got more of an understanding about why me-time is so essential for mothers, and how you can build this into your daily life, I hope you find it beneficial in your journey through motherhood. All that’s left is for you to decide is what to do first!

Shivani GargMummy Me-time: Why you shouldn’t forget to care for yourself

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