Top 10 Baby Books

With so many baby books available online and in book shops these days, it is very difficult to know which ones are worth their salt. Here is a list of Top 10 Baby Books every parent should buy for their babies.

Top 10 Baby Books for 0-3 year olds

Picture Books by Eric Carle

Eric Carle Books are known for their artistic and colourful illustartions, loved by children. The very hungry caterpillar is a classic book which deserves the first place is Top 10 Baby Books to own.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a classic book by Eric Carle with artistic and colourful illustrations that have thrilled babies for decades. This book definitely deserves the first place in the list of Top 10 Baby Books of 2017.


What Do You See? Series

What do you see series, teach kids different animals in the forest through colourful illustrations and easy rhyming words.


Touch and Feel Books

Touch and feel books are great to keep kids engaged and learn though the sense of touch rather than just sounds and visuals.

Baby Touch Book: Peekaboo

Peekaboo is a cute colourful touch and feel board book with bold illustrations on each page with textured elements to keep babies engaged. A highly recommended book for beginners starting 4 -6 months when babies start seeing colour. A must add in your Top 10 Baby Books collection for infants.

Also recommended in this series: Playbook

Thats not my… series by Usborne

This series is also very nice with big textured elements that keeps babies engaged. What I also like about this series is that it picks one character and shows variations of it. This helps kids process similarities and differences between the same object / visual. You have to pick up at least one of these books for your Top 10 Baby Books collection.


Lift the flap books

Lift the flap books are great for kids’ curious minds and also develops their motor skills. Don’t give them in the hands of infants though, as the flaps will get torn.

Where is Baby’s Belly button?

A perfect book to teach kids about different body parts through the illustration of a baby. Babies instinctively recognise other baby pictures and illustrations and relate to them. This makes this an easily relatable book which aids faster learning. You can also point to the body parts of a doll to increase the understanding.


ALSO RECOMMENDED: All Karen Katz lift the Flap series especially How does Baby Feel ?

Dear Zoo
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is a classic simple illustrative book for kids which comes in a flap, pop up and sound book option. PErsonally, I would suggest the flap option which will make kids curious about what’s inside the cage in the story. The story is simple as are the illustrations. Rod Campbell books have a missing word in each line, which is the word to be learnt by kids. The missing word leads to a question, when parents read it aloud to their kids and this encourages the kids to answer rather than just listen.


Noisy / Sound Books

Peppa Pig Super Noisy Sound Book

Noisy books are a great idea to introduce babies to sounds of various objects around them. This Peppa Pig noisy books has 18 sounds which makes it a good buy. The sound is also optimum. Peppa Pig fans are going to love this book. You must also buy noisy books to make babies relate to animal sounds and number / alphabet pronunciations (just make sure they are realistic and not in a heavy foreign accent).


First Language Books

First 100 words

A popular format of books for babies to introduce them to objects and words, the first 100 words book by Roger Priddy is the best if you’re looking for real life images to describe objects to children. Try to show a corresponding real life object at home in 3D so that the baby understands and relates better which will lead to faster learning.


Colors ABC Numbers

This is another Roger Priddy book by Bright Baby publications that is a must buy. This book is a 11 inches board book containing real life images that teach your kids colors, alphabets and numbers. Most moms prefer real life images to illustrations as kids recognise real life images better than graphics that are subjective to an artist’s vision and style.


Dr Seuss’s ABC Board Book

Most Dr Seuss books use a madcap play of words which some people love and some hate. Most are left wondering if it really works. It does familiarise young kids with words and language using rhyme, repetition and humour. Dr Seuss’s fans will find this a good book and very engaging. It teaches rather unconventional words ( eg Z for Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz is beyond me) for each alphabet replete with interesting and funny pictures. But if you want to teach your baby the alphabet, go for Roger Priddy’s ABC book which would do a better job. This book would be more appropriate for children above 2.5 yrs after the child recognises alphabets and their corresponding sounds.


So this was a roundup of Top 10 baby books, your baby will definitely enjoy. If you have any of your own favourite titles you would like to add to this list of Top 10 baby books, please comment below.

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