Airtel 4G is here, but is the promise being delivered?

Airtel launched its 4G services today, and there has been quite some hype about it on the social media ! It’s all quite exciting but what the consumer wants to know is whether what’s being promised is actually being delivered. Here’s the Airtel 4G TVC and what’s being promised.

I am an Airtel customer and just had my 4G activated. So, here is a review to test the Airtel 4G speed.


I own an iPhone 6 and that is what I will be testing the 4G speed on. I’ve recorded a video of the screen and how fast the websites open and the videos buffer. I used a recent video that I had uploaded to my youtube channel and remember it buffering on my earlier 3G network. Will post a video of the test soon.


I use the cellular network quite a lot when Im travelling or working away from home or office and the hotspot connectivity and speed is really important to me. So I decided to check that out on my Macbook Air via the iPhone 6. I’ve always faced slow downloads and buffering while watching videos on youtube so I decided to check that aspect out for this particular test.

Video 1 : Airtel 4G Challenge TVC at 1080 HD resolution
Video 2: My Bungee Jump at 720 HD resolution, which is an old video and I’ve seen it stop and buffer on the 3G network while trying to show it to my friends.

You can see the video below for the result:


I also tested the new Airtel TVC video on my home wifi network, the speed for which is 3MB per second. As you can see in the video below, the TVC streams, buffers and stops after every 2-3 seconds of video. See the test video below.


The speed at 4G is very fast. I’ve never experienced a faster download, even with my 3 MB/s download speed on the home / office wifi network.

I also hear that Airtel is offering 4G for the price of 3G so I say we have nothing to lose here ! The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is that with the faster downloads of 4G, your data consumption is deemed to increase and you will automatically have subscribe for a higher GB plan if on postpaid or buy more data as you go on the prepaid network.

But whatever it might be, Airtel has delivered what they have promised and that is high speed 4G in the price of 3G ! I’ve already dumped my 3G network for 4G and I think it’s time now for all of you who need faster speeds to do the same. Of course, if you’re from my mom’s generation and use cellular data for just whatsapp, no worries, you can stay on that 2G network of yours !

P.S. Don’t blame me for producing so many videos for you to see and download. If they are still buffering, go get yourself an Airtel 4G !

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Shivani GargAirtel 4G is here, but is the promise being delivered?

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