#Fantastico weekend in Goa to test Tata Zica – Day 1

The #Fantastico Beginning

I got invited to the #Fantastico weekend at Goa to experience Tata Motors’ new offering – ‘Tata Zica’ !

Apart from the fun and frolic with 60 other indibloggers in Goa, what I was really looking forward to was driving the car. I’m in a love hate relationship with Tata Motors since I drove the Tata Zest because I felt that the Zest might have been the worst vehicle Tata Motors has ever built – I mean I couldn’t find a seating position in the car even after adjusting it up and down for god knows so many times.

On the other hand, I was in love-lust with the Tata Safari (especially Dicor). It felt so responsive and comfortable, there was nothing I didn’t like about it. I understand that I am talking about two very segments here but they were from the same manufacturer and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the seating position in the Zest.

So having tried the Safari and Zest from Tata Motors, I was very excited to test drive Tata Zica and yet another segment of Tata Motors. So after reaching Goa, we went on the beach ( what’s goa without a trip to the beach? ) and had a little evening tea and interaction with fellow bloggers and the IB team during which, we also picked out our team of three and the person who was to drive. After which was a fun ‘locker room’ session with the guys from Tata Motors hosted by Cyrus Sahukar ! He was his funny self as usual and made the presentation quite delightful ! The whole football theme to the presentation was endearing and Tata Motors made sure they associated themselves with their Brand Ambassador ‘Messi’. Come to think of it, Messi and Tata Motors are both really #MadeOfGreat !

The best moment was the time when the lockers walls collapsed to reveal the sunburst orange Tata Zica waiting for us to explore it ! We spent some time understanding its features, hearing the sound of its door, sitting at the drivers seat and behind, checking out the boot space, listening to the great Harman sound system and familiarising ourselves and out team to the zippy little car we would be driving around Goa the next morning.

We then cut the cake and eased out into a cocktail evening with lots of karaoke and little dance ( Humph! ). The evening was fun but ended early. But you know me, I made sure the party continued at the poolside of Alila Diwa, the resort we were staying at. But (yeah, lots of buts here) as we had an early morning drive, we called it a night around 2AM and headed back to our rooms for some sleep.

The next was going to start early with breakfast from 6AM and we had to head out at 8AM will all bags packed. Read about the Tata Zica test drive on Day 2 by clicking here.

Shivani Garg#Fantastico weekend in Goa to test Tata Zica – Day 1

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