mama earth mosquito repellent review

Mama Earth mosquito repellent Review

Mamaearth natural insect repellant is the only 100% natural mosquito repellent for babies in India right now. I was completely at ease to apply this baby safe essential oil bug repellent directly on my baby’s skin to ward the mosquitoes off in the her room and let her sleep as long as she wanted to. So here is Mama Earth mosquito repellent review.

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I have used the Johnson’s baby mosquito repellent patches earlier when I would take her out but they have their limitation other than the fact that I’m concerned about what chemicals are being used in them and that they are being inhaled by a newborn (you have to stick it on their clothes or car seat strap).

The other option that a lot of moms at the time I bought this (this was not a product sent for review) was the Good Knight fabric roll on and is being advertised in a huge way. I did not hear rave reviews about it but mothers were buying it because they thought it was the only choice and did not seem like an expensive buy. But it contains all sorts of chemicals and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

So, in my quest to find a natural insect repellent for babies under 12 months, I came across Mama Earth mosquito repellent online. Having used Mamaearth’s travel essentials pack earlier, I automatically decided to buy their 100% natural insect repellent.

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Mama earth mosquito repellent Review

Safety: Mama earth mosquito repellent for babies is 100% natural and made of essential oils from Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus. It is certified from MadeSafe. I applied it on my baby’s body including the face and scalp when she had been tonsured. There were no rashes or any kind of irritation.

Effectiveness: It is very effective for 2-2.5 hours. After that, you need to re apply. 2 hours is what MamaEarth promises and delivers. I would have liked if it was effective for a longer time but I’m not sure any other product is effective for longer either.

Method of Application: Shake well before use. Remove the cap and cup your hands to spray on your palm. Apply this on your baby’s body, face and scalp if you like. Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated skin. Reapply every two hours.

Mama Earth Mosquito Repellant Price: A 200 ml bottle costs Rs. 299 and will last you 100 sprays if you use it for a 4 – 6 month old. Rs 3 per application is well worth the money. Comparing the Good Knight fabric roll on price which is Rs. 79 for a mere 8 ml bottle, MamaEarth mosquito repellent for babies is a steal. Buy it here.

Smell: It have a medium to medium to strong smell of citronella but it is natural so I didn’t mind it. Some repellants can give you a headache, the smell on MamaEarth’s insect repellent was not that bad.

Baby’s Response: I was wondering how Mi would respond to the smell but she didn’t seem to mind it. The only problem is the Mi puts her fingers in her mouth so I avoid putting the mosquito repellant on her fingers.

Packaging: I liked the double cap packaging as it would reduce accidental sprays in the bag. However, I would have liked it if the bottle was not plastic and also if they could come up with a more compact bottle to put in the diaper bag.

If you have used Mama Earth Baby Products, please let our readers know your Mama Earth Mosquito Repellent Review in the comments below.

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