Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker Review

review-panasonic-electric-cooker-gift-wedding-home I have a Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker at home which comes with an anodised Aluminium cooking pan. I’ve been using it for 2 years now, so here’s a good review of it.

Model: Panasonic SR-WA18H(E) 1.8-Litre 660-Watt Automatic Rice Cooker

Capacity: 1.8 L (Easily cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice)

Optional Attachments available:

1. Cooking plate (not used )

2. Steamer Basket (Have 2 of them that can be stacked on top of each other to steam more quantity of food.)

3. Idli Maker (not used)


I did not get the optional attachments with my Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker. I wanted to steam vegetables and make momos, so I bought the steamer from the service centre in Chandigarh. When you buy your Rice Cooker, make sure which attachments you’ll use with it.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been cooking rice in my Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker and they turn out to be PERFECT ! You just need to remember how much water to use and you’re done.




1. Great instructions, if followed makes the perfect rice.

2. Simple, one button only.

3. Sturdy – nothing has happened to the body or the aluminium coating.

4. Steamer baskets are great too. I’m sure the other attachments are good too.

5. After the Rice has finished cooking, the button slides to ‘Keep Warm’ option and keep the rice warm (DUH!) till you’re ready to serve it. It can also be selected manually in case you need to heat the Rice later.

6. Rock Solid Guarantee.

7. Good Customer Service.




1. Need to coat aluminium pan with a little bit of oil otherwise it tends to stick to the bottom and waste some rice.

2. You need to be mindful of the time, if left on ‘Keep Warm’ after it finishes cooking, it sticks at the bottom.



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Panasonic SR-WA18GH Combo 1.8-Litre 660-Watt Automatic Rice Cooker


Shivani GargPanasonic Electric Rice Cooker Review

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