Slurrp Farm Cookies { Review }

Slurrp Farm cookies, I have to say are the best thing that happened to me. Especially, when traveling with a baby. They are great for snacking and hunger pangs in between solid food feedings or when you can’t breastfeed just that minute. Many moms would usually resort to stuff like cheeselings which are tiny little tasty biscuits and easy to eat by the baby but score a ZERO on the nutrition chart. Slurrp Farm cookies on the other hand pack quite a punch both in terms of taste and nutrition value.

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Slurrp Farm Cookie Flavours

Slurrp Farm cookies are available in three flavours as of now:




Recommended Age

The recommended age to start offering your baby Slurrp Farm cookies is 1 year because of the ‘no salt or sugar’ rule.

Slurrp Farm Cookies Review

I have reviewed the product on the following factors:

Nutrition & Health

Packed with nutrition. Slurrp Farm uses butter instead of cheap fats and it has no preservatives.


All three flavors taste great. Which one baby likes more will depend on individual preference. Sugars are not too much so you can go ahead and give your baby 1-2 biscuits without worrying about a sugar high.

Easy to eat for the Baby

They are soft and easy to bite. For any 1 year old baby I preferred to keep the biscuit out for a while till it became softer.

Ordering & Delivery

You can order them directly with Slurrp Farm or on Amazon and Babychakra. The delivery times are a bit long but only because they prepare fresh batches before sending them out.


You will receive an absolute fresh batch as they are prepared right after or just before you place your order.


3 flavors are available as listed above and they are a good variety of taste and ingredients.


The packaging is simple and the product remains fresh. The graphics and fun, colorful and eye catching.

Worth the Price

We all want better prices but buying a pack of Slurrp Farm cookies at their present rate will not disappoint you in anyway !

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Taste
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Freshness
  • Variety
  • Easy to eat for the baby
  • Worth the price


I am going with a ‘almost’ 5 star review for Slurrp Farm Cookies as they are great for the baby both in terms of taste and nutrition. They are organic and made with butter and no preservatives !

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