Slurrp Farm baby food is a packaged baby food brand that makes nutritious cereal and cookies with organic ingredients. I first started looking out for baby food options before travelling to Leh with a 8 month old baby. Leh does not have fresh food available all year long so it can be a challenge to offer fresh food for every meal. Also, when traveling with baby, you do not have the resources available to cook fresh food everytime.

So, I tried the Slurrp Farm cereal and here’s my review for it. Before the review, let me share a bit about Slurrp Farm first.

Slurrp Farm ‘s Story

The Slurrp Farm story begins when Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik started to look for high quality and healthy food options for their children. They found a similar sentiment shared by parents of other young children as well. Realising the huge potential and gap in the market, they decided to start Slurrp Farm.

Many different recipes were tried and tested. Some people who tested these were tough little customers – pre-schoolers. They tried their first six recipes and were asked what they thought of them. Since children don’t lie, the choices was quite clear and the first three Slurrp Farm cookies were born.

Slurrp Farm Products

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slurrp farm baby food with spinach tomato rive wholewheat rice

Slurrp Farm Review

I tried two varieties of baby cereal:

  1. Wholewheat, Moong, Rice, Spinach & Tomato with milk
  2. Wholewheat, Maize, Rice, Banana & Mango with milk


I was happy with the taste of both the cereals and it was not too sweet like cerelac or other formula milk based products. It did not even taste salty so I’m assuming there was no additional salt added in the product. Wholewheat, moong, rice, spinach, tomato and milk (pic on the right) tasted savoury (because of the veggie ingredients) as compared to the the Wholewheat, maize, rice, banana, mango and milk version which was sweeter because of the fruity ingredients.

Which one your baby likes more will depend on the baby’s taste. Mine liked both but preferred the veggie cereal with spinach.


Now, this is something that I am not a fan of. The cereal has a weird smell when opened (my husband also complained about it). However, there is no smell in the cooked product.

I am okay with the smell as long as its natural and healthy. I do not want an artificial smell to be introduced with artificial ingredients to the product. Of course, if this can be dealt with by adding a natural nutritious aromatic ingredient, it will be a win win !

Ease of Preparation

It’s literally a two minutes process of you take the water and scoop measurements seriously. If you’re not an experienced cook, your porridge may become lumpy.

PRO TIP: Mix in the cereal powder in cold pre boiled water. The instructions ask you to boil water before mixing in the baby food but you can save time by using pre boiled water.

Acceptance by Baby

My 8 month old accepted in in first go and used to have a bowl or 2 scoops full. So full marks there !


A 200 gm of cereal box costs Rs. 300. You can use the cereal (about 2 scoops each time) around 7 times; so that works out to Rs 42.8 / meal which is a little pricey for baby meals.

I sometimes made only 1 scoop for a meal so ended up using it more times.


There are 3 cereal flavour a available as of now. Buy at least two to be able to experiment and give variety to your baby’s taste buds.

Natural & Freshness

Slurrp Farm baby food is made from organic ingredients so it is all natural. It is packaged food so not fresh.


The mix packs in so many healthy ingredients that it is bound to pack a lot of nutrition for the baby without having to fortify baby food.

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You can buy SlurrpFarm products from or Slurrp Farm Amazon store: