Test Driving Tata Zica – Day 2 of the #Fantastico weekend in Goa

So our day started as planned. We woke up at 6AM for test driving Tata Zica and being the team captain, I diligently called my team members 2-3 times before I was sure they had woken up and would be there for breakfast on time. Read about the Day 1 of Tata Zica #Fantastico weekend by clicking here.

I was super excited because I love cars, especially new ones that I haven’t driven before. It’s quite magical how in a few minutes I can adapt myself to a car whether big or small and just know its width, space, moves and moods ! So after breakfast, we set up the GPS on one of our mobiles and were briefed about the circuit and the navigation system and the support car that would follow us.

As a city / highway driver I was looking to test the following features:

  1. Drive quality of the car (Comfort / Brakes / suspension / accelerator / power)
  2. Mileage
  3. Turn by turn Navigation
  4. Jukebox App
  5. Harman Infotainment System
  6. Boot Space
  7. Seating position & comfort
  8. Chiller
  9. Ergonomics
  10. Gear shift
  11. Build Quality

We were then flagged off one by one and were told that we will be given challenges on the way that we would have to complete with our teammates and post them on to @zicatatamotors twitter account. And I have to say, we had the best team who managed to lose their support vehicle but worked together so well that we were the only team that finished all challenges and had so much fun along our 3.5 hour drive (we were the last to reach ;)) !

As for my review on the car, here’s my analysis about the things that I noticed. I believe that you either notice things that don’t work for you or things that are new and solve a problem. Things that you don’t notice are things that work perfectly in the background.

driving-zica-in-goaThe drive quality of the car (Brakes / suspension / accelerator / power) – For the circuit we drove, the car was quite capable. Didn’t notice anything off.

Mileage – Difficult to say but the Tata Zica has a eco and citi mode and you can adjust the modes with the press of a button, according to where you are driving to get better mileage !

zica-nav-mapmyindiaTurn by turn Navigation – We used the turn by turn navigation app to guide us to our destination. The turn by turn navigation app is powered by Map My India and is available for free download to Tata Motors customers. One can just turn on the bluetooth to connect to the Harman Infotainment system and the navigation is supposed be displayed on the system seamlessly and the directions given in an audio format where the music volume is muted and the navigation takes over. After the direction has been given, the music starts back on. It worked perfectly other than the issue that we faced with the map itself. All of got lost for a while in Goa and coudn’t find the beach but then that’s something Map My India needs to improve.

Jukebox App – Unfortunately, the app just works on android and all my teammates had an iphone so we could not test this. But from what I heard by the other teams, it worked seamlessly and made the drive very peaceful.

tata-zica-infotainment-screenHarman™ Infotainment System – I was extremely impressed by the infotainment system, the audio quality and its capability to handle so much so efficiently. Tata Zica might not be car made for the higher segment but it definitely is a feature packed vehicle !

Boot Space – A 240 litre boot space might not be a big deal but it looked big enough for a city vehicle and especially for me  who either carries lights and other equipments for shoots or a couple of bags for outstation travel for me and the boy. And what I liked the best about it is the little pocket that has been hidden away for the tools yet has such an easy access.

Seating position & comfort – Now this was something I really had to compare with the Zest. And I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. The seat was extremely comfortable and the position was perfect as I could adjust it according to me. The seat was well cushioned and well supported. People at the back were comfortable too because of the extra leg room made possible by the scalloped design of the back of the front seats !

Glove box & Chiller – We kept some bottles and energy drinks to chill and they were great ! The glove box also comes with a separate partition to store your tablet. I carry my macbook air more often than I carry my ipad so tried to see if I could fit that in but nope, that’s not possible. Anyhow, for my longer drives when the boy likes to carry along the tablet, the partition will be extremely useful !

Ergonomics – I had no issues with the gear shift, seating position, handling any of the infotainment buttons, switches or chargers. Reaching out to my phone or my tablet was easy enough.

Gear shift – The gear shift was smooth and felt responsive.

Build Quality – The build quality was solid and I could tell this from the sound of the door closing. The interior fabrics and the plastic quality is top notch too. I was a little unsure about the chrome highlights but that is a personal choice. I also liked the fact that the car interior can be given coloured highlights according to your mood (see pic below). Also the little details in designing the exterior of the car like the arrow shaped door handles make the car look very sporty.

I have to say the car has been designed extremely well and I’m not only talking about the exterior but the interior too. The number of storage spaces, cup holders, tablet holder, the pocket in the boot for the tools, the infotainment system. Tata Zica is definitely a surprise that can only come is a small package !

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Shivani GargTest Driving Tata Zica – Day 2 of the #Fantastico weekend in Goa

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