Delhi is truly being #MadeOfGreat

Delhi is my favourite city and it is made of great especially with the new improvements that I have been seeing in the recent week especially the ‘Swachh Delhi App.’ New blood has been welcomed by the masses in Delhi as well as India and the people have shown their willingness to wait and watch. I’m proud of Delhi this time as they have tried to design policies and connect with people for the betterment of Delhi. I see this attitude evolve and have been listening to various people praising the political environment in Delhi on twitter too. Corruption seems to have decreased and big scale events NH7 Weekender were organised without any ‘ghoos’.

Drive – Delhi has a newfound drive to improve itself. With the new government trying to take control of all that’s been haywire, Delhites and other people who have migrated have a new drive to keep the city clean and are using the app to send the Delhi government pictures of places where they see garbage or people burning garbage. In fact, this is the first time in the history of Delhi that the Government and the Municipal Corporation has joined hands to make this drive successful.

Design – Pollution was a major issue is Delhi, the capital of India and had arisen a decade ago as well when it was tacked by using CNG and PNG. This time around, Delhi faces a similar situation and technology is not the answer but ‘Design’ is. Policies and processes have to be designed to make them effective which eventually allow problems to be solved. In fact, the core of design is ‘problem solving’. So this time the odd-even logic policy has been designed hoping that people adapt to it and start sharing their vehicles to ride to office in such a way that it reduces the cars on the road to almost half. It will be implemented for 15 days as a trial and then decided.

Oh and the Delhi-tes have to be given due credit where they deserve it. I have full faith in them to design or ‘jugaad’ a way out to circumvent this rule. After all, this is what they’re good at <sniggers>. On a serious note, the Delhi-tes are quite adorable too, you just need to have humour them and enjoy their invincible spirit ! Do watch the video below and smile. It’s difficult to handle people in Delhi but hey, people didn’t burst crackers this Diwali !

Time will tell whether the government’s suggested odd-even policy is designed for Delhi or not, I am happy that at least it is trying !

Connect – Again, the government has tried connecting the people of Delhi with the government through the ‘Swachh Delhi’ app where people are being encouraged to assist the government by helping them locate areas where improvement needs to take place, like removal of garbage. They are also using the app to find defaulters and fining them. For example the government has asked people to send them images of any vehicle that is found emitting pollution or people burning garbage dumps. These activitiess cause pollution but it is very difficult to find the defaulters and eradicate these faults. Therefore, the app is a great idea on the government’s part to connect with the local people and citizens and get them to feed them this information.

So this time just before 2015 ends, I have to say that Delhi is truly being #madeofgreat.

Shivani GargDelhi is truly being #MadeOfGreat

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