The #SaluteSelfie Campaign by Reliance Group is a Sham ! Here’s why.

The Reliance Group just launched the #SaluteSelfie campaign and are promoting it on twitter. When I saw it, it had already received 500 retweets and god knows how many #SaluteSelfies but don’t get too happy about it.

While I appreciate the sentiments shown by the tweeple, the campaign itself reeks of unoriginality and abuses the sentiments of the Indian Armed Forces. Here’s why –

1. The #SaluteSelfie campaign is completely unoriginal.

reliance-saluteselfie-unoriginal-twitter-campaign-failReliance Group is just riding on the #saluteselfie wave started to celebrate UK’s Armed Forces Day on June 25th, 2015. The SaluteSelfie campaign in India is just a rip off, a cut copy paste job by someone who wants a sure shot way to receive retweets and replies for Reliance Group’s 3-4 day old twitter account. And, what’s a better way than the tried and tested way of faking your support for women empowerment, child labour and now, the Armed Forces !

Yes, the retired faujis and serving officers have become a cause to be talked about and fake support for. No one really means to do anything about it, maybe it’s time to set up an NGO to spread awareness ?

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Let's salute India's Heroes and their sacrifice today. @narendramodi #BringOROP #SaluteSelfieWontDo Click To Tweet

2. No one cares, your heartfelt support receives an automated reply from a bot.

Twitter is about conversations, about listening to what people have to say. But Reliance seems to be interested in just promoting their hashtag and their social media company, about the trend report and the times the ‘HASHTAG’ was used ! Everyone is a rockstar here – Reliance Group, their digital agency and their paid supporters. I doubt if they are ever going to waste their time on the real heroes of the nation. I support the real heroes of the nation. #BringOROP #SaluteSelfieWontDo @narendramodi Click To Tweet

3. Celebrity Choice


Why have Mr. Bachchan launch the campaign? When has he ever supported the cause of the Armed Forces for reasons other than PR? If Reliance and their amateur digital agency would have ever researched, their report would have thrown up the name of only one deserving candidate. Reliance, ever heard of @gulpanag ?

There’s only 1 THING TO BE DONE to show real support for the Indian Armed Forces.

To #BringOROP – The heroes of our country have been fighting an unending battle with the government to make ONE RANK ONE PENSION a reality. Support their cause and make a real difference to their lives than clicking that frivolous selfie. This will be your real salute to the Armed Forces, their hardwork and sacrifice. I’ve been up the whole night to do my bit. Now’s the time to do yours.

I urge you to tweet using #BringOROP and #SaluteSelfieWontDo to show the real support. You can also tag @narendramodi on it.

Click to tweet the link below.

I support my heroes' cause. #BringOROP #SaluteSelfieWontDo @narendramodi Click To Tweet
Shivani GargThe #SaluteSelfie Campaign by Reliance Group is a Sham ! Here’s why.

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