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Note: { This post is in no way directed towards Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, but this post on his facebook page triggered a thought about what belief is and what it can do. }

This makes no sense. Why would you take on anyone else’s karma? That’s just against the principles isn’t it? Everyone’s karma is their own. It’s up to them to increase their good karma and reduce their bad karma in their lifetime. Karma cannot be transferred from one person to the other.And that is about beliefs. Do not follow anyone blindly. Question and question again till you understand and either believe or reject the notion yourself. Belief, for the fickle minded is very dangerous, it’s like hypnotism – you can be led to do anything. And if the leader has evil intentions, the simple people who follow him will have committed atrocities that generations will have to pay for.

I’m no spiritual guru, but to say that by praising someone you can take on their good karma doesn’t sound right at all. Praise should be heartfelt and should be given for actions or thoughts that are truly commendable and need encouragement. False praises can create monsters. Instead, to say that blaming is futile and should not be practices is right. Nothing positive comes out of blaming but praise to the right person towards the right action can do wonders.

So, teachings are like that – Simple and questionable, not an all encompassing principle that leaves no room for question.

Shivani GargAbout Belief and Preaching

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