Story of Sumidha Rana, a Delhi girl who #DidNotGetRaped

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This is the story of a girl who was returning from her work after a Delhi Dynamos, Indian Super League (ISL) match at 9:30PM with 3 more girls and was taken to Kotla Village by the drunk driver who misbehaved with her. She saw two other men join in and that day she could have been gang raped. It could have been another Nirbhaya case for us to talk about. Listen to the first part of her story here:

#MustWatch - Story of a girl who #DidNotGetRaped Click To TweetMany of you must be thinking why I have titled this story #DidNotGetRaped.

There is a very simple reason to that. This story of this brave Delhi girl, Sumidha Rana, an alumni of Jesus and Mary College (JMC), is the story of this girl who #DidNotGetRaped, a story that has no blood and gore, a story that promises little TRP, a story so rare that you might not hear it again. Here’s why:

  1. Women who find themselves with such predators, often are not able to escape and we hear their media-constructed or police-verified ‘RAPE’ stories after they have been already raped, brutally murdered or thrown away to rot. In such cases, people in our so called liberal society will often blame the girl for returning late, wearing short clothes, partying, drinking, smoking or being a WHORE !!
  2. Women who escape such situations do not have the courage to narrate their story, file a case or drive a media action against it. Their families feel ashamed (I cannot understand for what earthly reason) and do not support the girl even if she wants to take action.
  3. People around her, her friends, so called well wishers ‘advice her’ to keep mum about the incident for her own ‘safety’ and ‘respect’ and take a holiday to cheer herself up with her family.
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There are millions of stories about girls who #DidNotGetRaped that night. But ‘that night’ and what could have happened gets etched in their memories forever ! The fear of that night stays forever in her sub conscience because it was given no chance to be eliminated. The girl who’s self respect has been violated receives no support by her modern friends but her feelings and right to receive justice is rejected, by their advice to keep quiet and do the ‘sane’ thing?

So instead of empowering the victim, we shame her into shutting up, realising fully well that, that violation, shame and rejection of her human right is going to define this 21 year old girl who will go on to become a wife and a mother. This about this very carefully –

  • what will this woman’s response be when she is in an abusive marriage?
  • what will this woman’s response be when she hears about someone touching her child inappropriately?
  • what will this woman feel about choosing between a boy and a girl child?


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Do you know someone who #DidNotGetRaped ?

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Shivani GargStory of Sumidha Rana, a Delhi girl who #DidNotGetRaped

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