View the New in a new dimension and a different angle each day

Kudos to Vodafone’s new ‘NEW’ ad. New Zealand is big on design and idea and it’s no surprise that this advertisement is kiwi. Apart from engaging the audience and effective storytelling, this advert strikes a chord with creatives, entrepreneurs and… Continue Reading →

Difference between traditional media and social media

I’d like to quote an article dated, May 30, 2010 Pratap Singh, Head (Marketing), HomeTown (Future Group) said, “The primary difference between traditional media and new media is that the former is channels for brand communications and the latter for consumer… Continue Reading →

Spotted the Indian being used by the LAPD in Changeling, a movie based in LA in the 1920s.

What a beauty. I wish i could have it.

square – the new shape of money!

It is a great payment option for startups, just swipe your card! Minimises processing, paper work and time spent on billing and collating all the bills. 1. All the receipts come right in your inbox! 2. An optional but instinctive… Continue Reading →

Windows Free Lunch. Not!

Finally, Windows has realised that In India, we prefer a free lunch and if it is not offered to us, we take the ‘Jugaad’ (read piracy) route. The other day while driving back home from Gurgaon, I heard  a radio… Continue Reading →

The ‘Cooked’ Shirt by Kean ETRO

catalogo_cooked_shirt.pdf Download this file A charming cross between the tie and die technique with natural/edible colours and nostalgic moments of childhood. It uses an existing simple technique and a sweet concept, a perfect concoction of our visual, olfactory, tactile and gustatory… Continue Reading →

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