Is India Breastfeeding friendly ? { Mommy Mondays }

Since becoming a mother, I have travelled the length and breadth of India. We have breastfed everywhere – no bottles, no formula (except the first month- read more about that in our breastfeeding journey). I have taken my baby out… Continue Reading →

The Millennials on Facebook

Just found this interesting infographic on Facebook reaching the 500 million users mark. 20% of the users are Asian and India features as the top 11th country with more than 10 and half million facebook users! Source: Mashable

Deconstructing the proposed Rupee Symbol

According to a media report on rediff.com, the Rupee symbol has been selected. I’m not aware of who the members of the selection committee were and whether they represented a good mix of design, politics, foreign relations and history backgrounds. I also… Continue Reading →

No man’s property!

Just reading this piece makes me squirm. Whatever you do, wherever you work, however you look, it does not matter, you’re a woman, woman! The men in question here, think that they have a birthright to treat you the way… Continue Reading →

First signs of invasion on the Gurgaon Toll

Wasn't the Gurgaon toll troublesome enough, having to spend close to 30 mins just to get to the other side of hell? Well, it's getting worse. It has started attracting policemen, commonly known as 'thullas' is the NCR who find… Continue Reading →

Orange Lambabe

Driving behind and alongside this orange Lamborghini made my day today in Gurgaon. I was racing with it to see who was driving 😛 but was really disappointed with what I saw 🙁 And felt sad for the Lamborghini, there… Continue Reading →

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