Slow Down, Enjoy The Ride

How many times have we heard ourselves wish that we had a clone of some sort to be able to do the things that we don’t find time for? And I’m sure the people closest to you have egged you… Continue Reading →

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.” -Frank Tyger

A simple flow chart of questions I ask myself whenever I’m unhappy or unsatisfied. I seem to have these swings more than most people I know. But the most difficult part of the process has not been mentioned in the… Continue Reading →

Friends or just random souls?

A question asked by a friend, triggered the thought process. Shreya made a very interesting observation yesterday, saying that I meet random people. She asked me why I would want to do that? At first, I was pretty shocked about… Continue Reading →

Life is an RGB mixx

  I believe humans are a mixx of emotions, ambitions and vision. Now, you might argue that these are overlapping qualities. Yes and no. Emotions along with ambition can give rise to a totally different shade of life than vision… Continue Reading →

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