“If you could do one thing for love, what would it be?”

Asked Indiblogger. So I asked myself what would that one thing for love be? Is there something that I’m not doing for the people I love, that I should? Is there something I would want a loved one to do… Continue Reading →

Grow up, face life. You’re no longer watching the cartoon network.

I’ve always believed that ‘Love’ and ‘Hatred’ are extreme emotions and though Hatred is controllable, Love is not. During recent conversations with my friends, I’ve been hearing several instances of failed relationships, Ex-Lover stories and some desperate housewives scenarios. Some… Continue Reading →

What does love mean to you?

Again, I come back to the most talked about emotion in the world – Love! This time this is going to be a question, that I want to ask you to answer. In an evening conversation with a lawyer friend… Continue Reading →

Reasoning Love

  Recently, I watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’ again and Dr. John Nash’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech is what hit me the most. He says, “Thank you. I’ve always believed in numbers and the equations and logics that lead to reason…. Continue Reading →

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