Pages, finally on Posterous

I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for pages on posterous since I started blogging, a feature that was on tumblr but missing on Posterous. But this now means some hard work. I’ll have to start writing content for the pages… Continue Reading →

Innovation, the size of a square.

I’m really excited about technology as it keeps innovating itself every millisecond. Consumers are getting savvy and businesses need strategy and direction to keep up with that. What I love most is that everybody wants to KISS. Keep it Simple,… Continue Reading →

square – the new shape of money!

It is a great payment option for startups, just swipe your card! Minimises processing, paper work and time spent on billing and collating all the bills. 1. All the receipts come right in your inbox! 2. An optional but instinctive… Continue Reading →

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