First signs of invasion on the Gurgaon Toll

Wasn't the Gurgaon toll troublesome enough, having to spend close to 30 mins just to get to the other side of hell? Well, it's getting worse. It has started attracting policemen, commonly known as 'thullas' is the NCR who find it easier to stop random cars and ask driver for licenses, RC or whatever is it that can cause you some money, if you're found without it.

What's more, today I spotted the first sings of invasion of the toll by the famous 'beggar community' of NCR! Well, for them it's another red light and a big and long one for that. Easy to take a stroll and lots of oppurtunity to earn oops extract money from the already haggard drivers.

I'm still to see the ones trying to extract money bhagwan ke naam par and others hawkers selling all sorts of stuff.
Will keep you updated. Drive safe till then.
Shivani GargFirst signs of invasion on the Gurgaon Toll

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  1. outsidethewell

    u have started clicking even while driving?? Hope the thullas don't consider dat to be an offense!! Gud start gurlie! :)Happy blogging!

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