That's what this entry is called because that's what it is.

Can't say anything beyond this with picturesthatlooklikethis!

Noah Kalina just added a new fan to her list! I love what she is doing and probably because if I had been in her shoes, I would have taken the same pictures.
Also, because she's doing exactly what I would have wanted to do but am not finding enough time to do it. I believe that everything falls into place when it's the right time. Right now, it's the right time for me to learn a lot of new things and put photography on a hold now. Not that I'm not doing it, it's just that I'm not doing it as much as I would have loved it.

At this moment, my mind is parallel processing and deciding between tumblr and posterous!
I have already started blogging on posterous so this goes here, don't know about the future!

Love, hope and a lot of marijuana!
Shivani Garg

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