Marketers at MAX Hospital, napping?


I’m in a habit of googling brand names along with Social media wagons eg. <Brand + facebook>, <Brand + twitter> etc. you’ll be surprised and what you can find out. It’s a good way to find out what a company looks like, naked. This evening I happened to google <MAX HOSPITAL + FACEBOOK> and this is what I found out.

I’m shocked at this news though I’ve found out about it at least 6 months later. The image of MAX Hospital is definitely charred in my mind. We always need to know both sides of the coin but MAX does not help itself by staying silent about the whole controversy. There has been no attempt at crisis management by the Marketing managers or PR agency. Instead, they blamed the family for the whole episode. For more information on the case, see this;

There was a site launched to boycott MAX hospital and citizen journalists reported this incident on IBN Live.

And all this, even after claiming a web presence on twitter and facebook.

A close scrutiny of the MAX Healthcare facebook page and MAX Healthcare twitter stream reveals that they stand for nothing ‘social’. Their pages are just a way to disseminate general health information and gloat about themselves.

Notice that none of their 1300 facebook followers comment on their wall posts, moreover, there are no discussions happening. Neither do I see them replying to any twitteratis. In other words, no conversation. It’s sad to know that brands and marketers in India still jump the social media bandwagon without understanding the nuances of the medium. If you can’t do it, get social media specialists and listen to them. Brands need to understand that social media is a two way communication platform where the consumer is NOT your typical Indian wife! <grunt>

End note: I’d like to mention the good work being done by @DrOPGarg and his initiative on facebook against arthritis.

Shivani GargMarketers at MAX Hospital, napping?

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