Misha’s first playdate with Ishu and #ColgateMagicalStories

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When I got our Colgate packs to try out the #ColgateMagicalStories by Blogadda, I knew that Misha was too young to weave her own story or to understand any that I made for her. I was wondering really what to do and then came along Misha’s first playdate – a two and a half year sister from another mother, Gaurisha (Ishu).

Ishu considers Misha her little sister and is always so excited to play with her. The only problem is that we could never find a toy that would keep both their interests. And this was the gap that was filled by this innovative little activity printed inside the Colgate packaging.

As Ishu is too young to be able to handle sharp objects, we cut out the characters for her and explained to her the solar system where Sun is the protagonist and all the other planets are his friends – same way in which Ishu has friends.

And thats the thought where her story began…

Ishu said she is the sun and the other planets were her friends. She named the planets as her friends by matching the illustrated planets’ expressions with her friends’ !

“This is Hanu… he’s always so angry.”

“This is Tavishi… she’s very sweet.”

and so went on the list. She named 4 friends for the 4 planets. The packaging had only 4 planets so we were thankful that she could think of no other friend who we wouldn’t have been able to fit in ! So she went on and about with her story like this:

Ishu, the Sun and her friends Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars were playing throughout the day on a sunday and it got late. It was dark and the stars came out and made the space very glittery and pretty. They forgot that they had to go home and kept admiring nature’s beauty. Ishu’s parents got worried and called all the other parents to find out if they were playing together. All parents expressed the same concern so Ishu’s dad and mom got their rockets out and came into the space, looking for Ishu and the other planets. Soon after, they found them and all of them came back to Earth in the morning – just in time for their Monday preschool !

What an endearing little story this was – a creative exercise of a 2 year old ! We, of course prodded Ishu and asked her questions till she came up with this story that connected such a simple concern of all parents when their kids play after dark and forget that their parents get worried about their safety ! Ishu, understandably spoke about no apologies or punishments in the story 😉

She showed all the characters to our 5 month old Misha and narrated the story to her who listened and watched the story unfold in rapt attention (How much or how little she understood, only she knows but she loved Ishu’s animated expressions and kind voice). Ishu then took Misha in her lap and told her that they too could go out and play together when she grows up !

They were so excited and there was so much energy that afternoon and all of us suddenly felt tired and took a nap on the same bed immediately after. It was a very heartwarming afternoon and I loved the fact how a little pieces of paper and characters led Ishu into imagining such an endearing story from her daily life experiences.

We sometimes, do not realise that real learning is not through expensive toys but ‘cartons’ full of stories and life experiences !

Thankyou Colgate for this innovative little idea ! I hope more moms spend some hands on time with their children, weaving stories all afternoon.


Shivani GargMisha’s first playdate with Ishu and #ColgateMagicalStories

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