Mothers Day 2017 Elle India May cover with Lisa Haydon and her baby bump

Mothers’ Day is here and I’m totally crushing over Elle India’s May Cover Picture

Mothers’ Day 2017 is almost here and we are going to be bombarded with mothers’ day offers, giveaways, quotes and emotional social posts. All that will be forgotten the next day !

But the May 2017 cover of Elle India celebrating Mothers’ Day is going down in history. Kudos to Elle India and Lisa Haydon for coming up with this cover picture for their Mothers’ Day issue – it is a mothers’ day gift for all us mothers. Why is this such a big deal? Well, more and more women in India need to stop hiding their pregnancy and start flaunting their baby bump ! Pregnancy is a time of celebration and joy so hiding it because of fear of a mishap is just not the way to go. I clearly have an issue with traditions rooted in fear ! Read about Why I refuse to put a kala tikka on my baby’s body.

Mothers’ Day Date 2017: Sunday, 14 May

I also wish and hope that Elle India keeps up with the times and we see beautiful cover images of mothers’ breastfeeding and post partum bodies. It’s time that we stopped putting a cover of motherhood and actually brought it out in the open. It’s time this mother’s day that we actually gave some substance to the empty promises of pregnancy and motherhood being beautiful.

So while I welcome this beautiful image of Lisa Haydon’s bump, even though it is a bump on a skinny woman and we didn’t get to see a whole bodied Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor flaunting their bump in a bikini, I hope that our fashion magazines are able to visualise those covers as well and the celebrities at the same time are able to bare it all and inspire other mothers-to-be.

I also hope that we see more post partum bodies, c section scars, breastfeeding images this mothers’ day. The acceptance of a woman’s changing body beccause she is growing a baby insode her and then the change after birthing a baby is just the beginning. There are so many unsaid and undiscussed issues of motherhood that need to come out in the open this Mothers’ Day.

Shivani GargMothers’ Day is here and I’m totally crushing over Elle India’s May Cover Picture

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