So, Why do you smoke?

Smokers often get a lot of these ‘why’ questions in their extremely short lifespans. How much ever you dread the why moments or try to go by it with a shrug or a smile, believe me, they keep coming!

They are often asked out of curiosity by the non-smokers, out of pity by the once smokers, who by the way just want to help you get outta this. Whatever the reason or aim may be, the look remains the same… It says, you’re suffering. I wish I could help, or, I know you’re suffering, I’d help if you’d let me. Really, just stay away. You’re better off supporting the anti smoking campaigns, printing the ugly-hardly visible-low quality-pixellated-black and white lung cancer image on the cigarette pack which a lot of smokers don t even get to look at, I m sure you ve guessed why.

So?! Who are smokers? Why do they smoke? Why can’t they quit smoking? The latter part is the easiest to answer and I’m sure all of us know it. Now to answer, the other two;
Smokers are those who enjoy the act of smoking in their present state of mind. Being a smoker does not indicate frequency, addiction or quantity. It’s only affirmed by the feeling of enjoyment.

True smokers smoke for liberation or a similar feeling. In a world full of rights and wrongs, morality and loop holes, you’re expected to perform your duties well, be responsible, not hurt anyone … erm… directly… erm… openly. At every step you’re judged at the kind of human being you are… erm… portray yourself to be. You can’t do what you want if it directly involves breaking away from the rules and the system because in that case you will be blamed for the world and all that’s wrong in it. So smokers built their own community of rebels that said I’ll do each day, something that’s bad and enjoy it. And give noone the right to stop me ’cause what I do, I do unto myself.

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Shivani GargSo, Why do you smoke?

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  1. SachinTatiwala

    Smokers dont care about the long term effects of smoking cause they cant see it. show them something immediate

    1. Tutomu

      I have not had a cig in several motnhs now and it is Great. Don’t go on the patch but TRY Chantix. Chantix stops the nicotine feeling to the brain so even when you have one, you get no sensation or satisfaction. It is working for me. They say to stay on it for three motnhs but my doctor recommended 6 motnhs. I still would like to have a cig but the mental part is starting to go away. The physical part is no big deal, but the mental part is the hard part to quit, but when you are on Chantix you soon don’t even want one. Another good thing about Chantix is you just slow down smoking or quit when you want to. It doesn’t matter if you smoke while you are on it. I was on it for weeks before I started cutting back. Now I haven’t even had one for several motnhs.GOOD LUCK and try Chantix

  2. Shivani Garg

    Don't want to. Noone other than they themselves can show it to them. That's the point. It's an 'I' thing. Realisation has to come from within.

  3. Vishal Gupta

    That's right, the answer to this question is well within the question itself. "Realisation has to come from within". This hold's true for almost all acts done by an individual. Good or bad is all on what side you are standing. What is bad for some may be good for others.Take file seriously…but not at all times…chill.

    1. Rafael

      I tried to stop smoking over and over again brefoe finally finding a method to quit smoking that actually worked long term.The best way to stop smoking is to completely change your location for one week. This can be timed to go along with a vacation or you can specifically plan to be out of town or away from home for a week in order to stop smoking. The change of scenery and routine completely changes your cravings, which are largely habit based. Without your same daily routine, your craving for cigarettes will be interrupted.You must get through the first day. You will probably not feel the craving for cigarettes the first day because of the upheaval of your routine. To help this along, try to make your routine for the week as different from your normal day as possible. Get up at a completely different time, eat your meals at different times than you normally would and change your bedtime for he week.Stay busy all day and the third day will soon be over.After a week away, the nicotine will be out of your system and you will feel better than you have in a long time. Going home again can be stressful because you may fear that you will fall into your own patterns, In order to keep this from happening, make a new routine at home to keep you from craving a cigarette. This can mean changing which rooms you spend time in or taking a walk after dinner instead of lighting up. With a new routine, you won’t miss smoking as much. The air will smell sweeter and your food will taste better.

      1. Natividad

        i smoked for alsomt thirty years and tried every damn remedy on the market except one,hypnosis.i figured what the hell,ive tried everything else,they didnt work,why not give this a i ordered the cd’s and they sat on my desk for a week after i got them.I finally got around to putting the first one in my cd player,headphones on,lit cigarette in my mouth.90 minutes later,the second cd was over,and so was my smoking habit.that was 19 months ago,and i havent had a smoke since,in fact the pack i was smoing when i listened to the cd’s sat on top of my pc case for 5 months until i tossed them out.granted ive had a few cravings for a smoke since,but ive never given back in.It blew my mind that it actually worked,im smoke free and yes,ive turned into someone who can walk in a room and telll who smokes and who doesnt,lol.Try the hypnosis ,it just may work for you.

        1. Post
  4. Sie

    The problem is that you codeinsr yourself as a smoker not a non smoker . Don’t know how long you’ve been addicted but it can be so hard to adjust to a non smoking attitude. I know so many people who have told me that its easy, just stop. Unfortunately some of us DON’T find it that easy. There is always an excuse to put off quitting. Try to look at your mental picture of yourself and see you without ciggies in different situations. Then think of ways you could cope/deal with things without the automatic reach for the packet.It may take a few weeks but give it a try. If you need support look at my profile and email me. I’m struggling too but finding i smoke less as i keep on with the above method. No longer terrified of being without and that is a good start.

    1. Bgygyghg

      I have never dealt with a nicotine habit. However, I found a GREAT rersouce with people sharing how they broke their smoking habits. I will simply share an answer I read from the forum. It is posted in the source link. A person named Ree posted the following. The answer is very helpful. I quit cold turkey in 1993, using a plan I got from the American Cancer Society called 21 Days to a Fresh Start. Haven’t smoked since. Here are a few of the tips I used that helped me:On a piece of paper you can keep, write down the top three reasons you want to quit smoking. Be Absolutely Honest! This is for your eyes only. Carry this paper with you EVERYWHERE. Look at it often, especially when you are seriously craving a cigarette.Replace the habit of smoking with another, good habit. I drank lemon water in place of smoking. The process of slicing the lemon and squeezing it into the water took the place of lighting the cigarette. Lemon water is great for you and helps flush the toxins out of your system.If you don’t already have an exercise program in place, get one and use it! I was very worried that I would gain weight when I quit smoking. I began an exercise program for the first time and I still do it today. In fact, I LOST weight at the same time I quit smoking.After three weeks the physical craving is over. It is purely emotional habit after that.Know that you can do it. Once you quit, think of yourself as a non-smoker. Don’t say, I’m in the process of quitting, or I’m trying to quit. Say, I AM A NON-SMOKER. GOOD LUCK!

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