Smokers often get a lot of these ‘why’ questions in their extremely short lifespans. How much ever you dread the why moments or try to go by it with a shrug or a smile, believe me, they keep coming!

They are often asked out of curiosity by the non-smokers, out of pity by the once smokers, who by the way just want to help you get outta this. Whatever the reason or aim may be, the look remains the same… It says, you’re suffering. I wish I could help, or, I know you’re suffering, I’d help if you’d let me. Really, just stay away. You’re better off supporting the anti smoking campaigns, printing the ugly-hardly visible-low quality-pixellated-black and white lung cancer image on the cigarette pack which a lot of smokers don t even get to look at, I m sure you ve guessed why.

So?! Who are smokers? Why do they smoke? Why can’t they quit smoking? The latter part is the easiest to answer and I’m sure all of us know it. Now to answer, the other two;
Smokers are those who enjoy the act of smoking in their present state of mind. Being a smoker does not indicate frequency, addiction or quantity. It’s only affirmed by the feeling of enjoyment.

True smokers smoke for liberation or a similar feeling. In a world full of rights and wrongs, morality and loop holes, you’re expected to perform your duties well, be responsible, not hurt anyone … erm… directly… erm… openly. At every step you’re judged at the kind of human being you are… erm… portray yourself to be. You can’t do what you want if it directly involves breaking away from the rules and the system because in that case you will be blamed for the world and all that’s wrong in it. So smokers built their own community of rebels that said I’ll do each day, something that’s bad and enjoy it. And give noone the right to stop me ’cause what I do, I do unto myself.

Source: College Homour