square – the new shape of money!

It is a great payment option for startups, just swipe your card! Minimises processing, paper work and time spent on billing and collating all the bills.

1. All the receipts come right in your inbox!
2. An optional but instinctive feature for tipping.
3. Lets you keep track of repeated visitors (great for customers, more rewards for loyalty!)
4. no monthly fee or minimums
5. No setup fee.
6. You don’t require a contract or merchant account.
7. The mobile card reader is free.

All you need to do is pay them per transaction.

Right now, it works only with iphone, ipad and android phones. They will launch other phone compatibilty soon. It will be a great option for the new startup breed in India, when it actually does launch in India!

Shivani Gargsquare – the new shape of money!

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