View the New in a new dimension and a different angle each day

Kudos to Vodafone’s new ‘NEW’ ad. New Zealand is big on design and idea and it’s no surprise that this advertisement is kiwi. Apart from engaging the audience and effective storytelling, this advert strikes a chord with creatives, entrepreneurs and anybody who has ever had an idea and tried to do see it through to its execution.

The concept of the advert is an insight into the brain of an the ideator. A idea is born like the big red wall patch depicted in the ad and slowly bits and pieces come together to make the big picture but without the broad vision and the right angle, it refuses to make sense. Ideas are all around us, some recognise the links and follow them through, some don’t even pay attention.

It happens to me all the time these days – so many ideas, concepts, multiple angles to look at them from. Add to that the vision people lend to it, every-time I speak to them about it. Each conversation and every minute I spend on it, just makes the idea bigger and better. Like a professor in design school said, “Don’t throw away an idea. Store it in a little part of your brain, think about it as much as you can. Someday you will have the time to see it through, to it’s execution.”

Shivani GargView the New in a new dimension and a different angle each day

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